Machiasport Maine is home to one of the most unique beaches on this planet. It is comprised of billions and billions of smooth, water-shaped stones. Indeed, even the dunes are formed of rocks. Although it’s not a beach to walk barefoot, if you ever get a chance, put on your walking shoes and walk this beach – you muscles will thank you for it. Every step slides you through a mountain of rocks. Trust me, you’ll feel it in all of your muscles tomorrow.
Although very few of the rocks are actually Jasper rock, they are in all sizes, shapes and colors and textures — besides greys and browns, you can find gold and red and green. Many will be variegated with stripes of white cutting throughout. Or speckled. Although beautiful dry, their real beauty comes when they are wet from the ocean waves and shimmer and shine. Times a billion or more. Don’t forget that.
One of the best features of the beach is the lack of people. Think summer and ocean beach and you might have images in your head of the Jersey Shore. Nope. Not here. A busy day here at this beach comprises of about a dozen people. Most days you can walk the mile long without running into another person. There aren’t many beaches in the United States that can boast that.
Probably my favorite quality of the beach is the music the waves make as they rush onto the rocks. Hard to describe, but it’s very musical and rhythmic. Many days, the rushing of the tide is punctuated by the soothing lull of the distant foghorn.
Jasper Beach has just a few parking spots (almost never filled to capacity) and no facilities. Please take out what you bring in. It is located about 10 miles from the town of Machias, down Route 92 as it winds its way through pine trees and the various villages of Machiasport. As you head downhill, you’ll see the large Jasper Beach sign on the left.

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