Washington County Maine is a serene corner of Maine known for lobsters, pine trees and blueberries.

The term “Down East” (or downeast) comes from the direction the prevailing winds blew the sailor’s boats downwind in an easterly direction.  

Flying here


Bangor, Maine 

Bangor International Airport is the closest major airport — a small airport about a two hour rural drive from Machias.  Although small, it is regularly serviced by several major airlines such as American, United, Allegiant and Delta.  There are also several major car rental agencies here including Hertz, National, Budget, and Enterprise.

Portland, Maine

The Portland International Jetport is approximately a four hour drive from the Machias area and a stop of many major airlines.  If a flight arrives early enough, a leisurely drive up the coast is a nice trip.  Or often, as our changeover days are on Sunday, our guests fly in on a Friday or Saturday, stay overnight in the Portland area (which is know for it’s wonderful cuisine and restaurants) and meander up the coast for their Sunday arrival.  Then they depart from their rental early on Sunday in order to make an afternoon flight.

Airlines that fly into Portland include American, Delta, Elite, JetBlue, Southwest, and United.  Non-stop flights originate in Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Orlando, Sarasota, Melborne, Charlotte, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, and NYC. (Subject to change.  Some markets seasonal)
Car rental companies include Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, and Dollar

Boston, Massachusetts

Logan International Airport is approximately a six hour drive from the Machias area.

Bar Harbor

Book a flight from Cape Air or PenAir directly from Boston to Bar Harbor or coordinate a flight with Cape Air and Jet Blue.

By Car

Drive from – Portland, Maine

Most (although, no, not all) of our visitors come to see us via driving through Portland.  From here, there are several choices — coastal route 1 or the major highway – route 95.   Here’s the difference….

Route 95 is longer in miles, but usually shorter in time.   As most major highways, much of the scenery is the same throughout the drive.  At Bangor, you’ll head south and the remainder of the trip will be on secondary roads.  There are no major highways that go to Washington County.

Route 1 goes through all of the small towns along the way, with stop signs and stop lights, so, although shorter in miles, the drive often takes longer.  However, if you have the time, you’ll pass stately old houses, farm stands, tiny pocket beaches (although Route 1 doesn’t get as many ocean views as you’d think), crazy sounding businesses, antique stores and lots of places for snacks.  In Ellsworth, the crowds will head to Bar Harbor and you’ll head east towards Washington County.