The Frisky Fish Cottage

We reluctantly returned home after a wonderful week at the Frisky Fish Cottage – and it was everything we could have dreamt and more. We rose early every morning and as my husband and I sipped our coffee in the chairs overlooking the harbor, our young boys ventured out to discover what sea treasures the low tide unveiled. Days were spent combing beaches, partaking in local cuisines, going on nature scavenger hunts, or visiting local shops. And every evening, you could find us in front of the bunkhouse as we challenged the boys to round after round of bocce and crochet. One day during our stay, the mist in the air lingered from morning until night – so we spent the late afternoon and evening with the boys in the bunkhouse – making blueberry ice cream in the ice cream ball, dancing, drumming, and laughing. The slow pace of Machiasport and surrounding areas was perfect for us to cast our stresses aside and focus solely on our family. These memories will last a lifetime. Thanks for everything!