It’s been a week since I left the beautiful Featherbed Island house. I’ve been dreading doing this review because I just don’t think I have the capacity to truly capture its beauty with words. We were all tired from the long 9 hour drive from NYC to Machiasport, but I will never forget how magical it was when we first arrived at the house. Nestled at the end of a small winding street, you drive pas a few other houses, some more derelict than others. Just as your expectations are dampened, the trees give way to reveal a beautiful house in an almost impossible setting. Having always stayed exclusively in hotels and resorts for vacations, this city kid could not have stayed at a more polarizing place than that I was used to. The air was clean with a lingering scent of sea, the sky a shade of blue I have rarely seen, and the noise, or rather the lack of was comforting.

And the view, every review should start and end with the view. Aside from the aesthetics of the house from the outside, the inside is equally beautiful. It also came equipped with everything we needed, we were able to cook full meals almost every night and ate our meals on the deck frequently. We made a trip to visit Acadia National Park, and another trip to Bangor during the day Hurricane Arthur hit to do some shopping. Otherwise we travelled mostly around the area, we went to Lubec and Campobello Island, saw a parade on 4th of July at Eastport and had a nice walk at Roque Bluff beach. The location, although a bit far from the big cities (2 hours to Acadia, 3 hours to Portland), did not prove to be too bad as we had plenty to do nearby.

It’s honestly hard to think of anything negative from the trip. Mosquitos were probably the only thing that bothered us, they had a field day with me, perhaps NYC blood was something they haven’t had in a while. We bought a few of those candles and tiki torches and sprayed ourselves to no avail. But what’s a few bites to experience this retreat. All in all this was one of the best vacations I’ve taken. My parents could not stressing how much they loved it there and my sister had a field day instagraming away. The wifi in the house was fast enough to upload pictures and carry about our usual needs. On our last day of the stay, Hurricane Arthur hit and we lost electricity. Maria was extremely helpful, we didn’t mind too much since this is completely out of their control. We ended up playing cards over candle lights and had a blast star gazing.