The Fabulous Frisky Fish!  A well-stocked oasis of relaxation on this industrious coastline.  Our arrival was bathed in sunshine and salt air, but the sweetness of it all lingers on our tongues still.

We must leave this place now, but, dear reader, may you enjoy your moments for as long memory holds.  Many small treasures you’ll find in Machias — from the thrift shop – Bags O’Rags and the Hardware Store, which has coffee and canning delights not found back home.  A hop, skip and a jump to rocky, resplendent, Jasper Beach will astonish you – the infinite form and color of stones is best seen to be believed!  Each unique, countless…humanity in microcosm… We envy you, dear reader, who takes over place here to continue the adventure.  This Frisky Fish cottage is the perfect ship to sail on.  Oh. Helen’s. Gorge.

Of you’re especially fortunate, you, too, will enjoy roque Bluffs Park completely to yourselves!  So much beauty to behold.  Too little time.