Wild Blueberry Land, Inc.
1067 US Hwy 1
P.O. Box 2
Columbia Falls, ME 04623
Contact Us
Phone: (207)483-2583
About Wild Blueberry Land, Inc.
Blueberry pies, pie making demos, muffins, candy, cookies, syrup, ice cream, gifts, smoothies, candles, soap, T-shirts, jams and jelleys, honey, and everything BLUEBERRY Season: Spring, Summer, Fall 8 to 5, 7 days/week
blueberries (wild), bakery products, beverages, candy or confections, maple syrup and maple products, jams or jellies or preserves, honey, sauces, vegetable or fruit products
Can accomodate bus tours, Handicapped Accessible
Operation Type: Farmstand

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